Yahoo: D-Will Poised To Have Stellar Year In Brooklyn

Updated: October 11, 2013

The whole world knows the Brooklyn Nets are coming into this season as the trendy-hot pick to challenge in the East after their blockbuster offseason but what player will benefit the most from the acquisitions?

That player should be Deron Williams and we will find out soon enough as the season is just days away.Williams has all the talent in the world around him now and players who have won championships and don’t worry about numbers. That means he can go back to being a distributor like he was in Utah.

No more having to shoulder the burden of scoring every night as well as dishing out double digit assists.

Health is the only obstacle for Williams now so let’s hope his ankles hold up all year for a great run.


[box]Yahoo Sports
It just feels like Williams, in a system being designed by a legendary point guard in Jason Kidd, could put up some monster assist numbers, while still being an effective scorer himself.

The situation in Brooklyn seems like one of those where a group of aging stars could turn into something bigger and better than they could be on their own, because no one will have to shoulder the whole load. Garnett can focus on defense, rebounding and being his usual jolly self when chatting with opposing frontcourt players. Pierce can be the dagger man, the guy who Williams can set up for those clutch baskets late in games. Johnson should be more efficient because suddenly there will be another perimeter threat on the wing in Pierce, as opposed to Wallace, who almost didn’t have to be guarded in 2012-13.

Williams will have a pair of willing and very able pick-and-roll partners in Garnett and Lopez, with Pierce and Johnson both having the ability to both spot up off penetration by Williams, or to do their thing with the rock on kick-outs and pick-and-pop plays.

If there is one Net who will be asked to do a larger share of the heavy lifting offensively, it will be Williams, who is primed to do so. At 29, he’s still in the prime of his career, a player who has averaged just shy of 37 minutes a game over his last seven seasons since becoming a full-time starter in 2006-07.[/box]

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