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John J. Paolantonio
Managing Editor and Writer – www.netssource.com & www.pingshoops.comPing 2 Avatar

Contributor – www.synets.com

I am a proud ex-Nets season ticket holder first and foremost and this blog is to fill my burning desire to analyze everything about the Brooklyn Nets.

This has turned into much more as I have been an NBA junkie for almost 25 years and simply cant get enough of this Brooklyn Nets Takeover of NYC.

You will get up to the minute info on the Brooklyn Nets basketball and anything Jordan as well in this blog from everywhere on internet.



Zachary Scott

Zach Scott ImageMy name is Zachary Scott, I’m a 23-year-old contributor to PingsHoops.com.

I was described early as a sports savant by my 6th grade science teacher because I told him it would take a pitcher 25 years of winning 20 games and he would still be 14 wins short of Cy Youngs record.

I am a die hard ((NJ/Brooklyn) Nets and Yankees fan.  I sometimes come under criticism for my fandom of the St. Louis Rams,  Philadelphia Flyers and Arizona Wildcats, but I always answer the same way –

“You don’t pick your favorite teams, they pick you.”

I also work in the New York City film industry as a Production Associate and am a photographer for The Jersey Mobb.


Allen Robertson

I am a life-long Nets fan dating back to the days of Drazen Petrovic and Derrick Coleman.

Twitter account @WeMustBeNets serves as an online support group for long suffering New Jersey and Brooklyn Nets fans.

Check out his blog Predictably ranDUMB at randumb.co and on Twitter @p_randumb for even more musings of no rhyme and some reason.