Would Paul Pierce Come Off The Bench?

Updated: December 9, 2013



A new wrinkle came out of practice today with the idea that Paul Pierce could return to action much sooner than expected, maybe Tuesday, and another nuance of Pierce coming off the bench with the second unit.

Originally it was told to the media that Pierce would be out for 2-to-4 weeks with the non-displaced fracture on his right hand.

Pierce seems hell bent on coming back sooner and was at practice today with a sleeve over his hand with the fingers cut out to help protect the area.Paul Pierce layup vs Suns


Pierce also thinks the first game with the Celtics Tuesday will be just another game and that he has moved on.




The part that caught my eye was when Pierce let it be known that he would do anything that would make th eteam better and if that meant coming off the bench he would be game.

That is music to my ears because Pierce has really struggled with the starters and it seems that he and Joe Johnson’s games are too similar to play alongside each another.


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