WOJ: Give Kidd Time

Updated: November 22, 2013



I was nice to be able to open up my Twitter feed today and see a column by one of the best NBA writers in the world do a piece on Jason Kidd and his short coaching tenure with the Brooklyn Nets and not see a hatchet job after 11 games.

Thanks for keeping my faith in humanity and bringing a little bit of common sense to this extremely frustrating situation in Brooklyn.

[box] As much as anything, Kidd needs to forget the public critiques of his sideline disposition and lean harder than ever on his assistant coaches.

No one cared that Larry Bird turned everything over to Dick Harter and Rick Carlisle as Indiana’s coach, and no one will care how the responsibilities are divided with the Nets. The NBA is the ultimate results business, and people are wrong about the belief that assistants are doing everything with theJason Kidd with hand on mouth during game frustrated Nets.

Players will tell you: Kidd is doing things his way, and, so far, the losses keep coming.

Only, this job calls for much more out of Kidd, calls for him to lean on his assistants, his players, his instincts – lean on everyone – until he can stand for himself on the sidelines.

The clock’s running on Jason Kidd, the world’s watching and his instincts were right on that early autumn day inside his office before he had ever coached a training camp practice: This can all be so overwhelming.

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I know no one wants to hear about patience right now but the reality is that tonight in Minnesota they will be without Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Andrei Kirlenko and now Jason Terry so the resurgence may not begin tonight.

Keep the faith Nets fans as better times are coming once this walking wounded bunch of Nets can be on the floor every night.


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