Who will be the Brooklyn Nets coach?

Updated: May 31, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets coaching search continues at its slow pace and not much has changed since the firing of P.J. Carlesimo.

Many names have been bantered about in the past few weeks since the season ended but nothing with any substance has been verified.  The mystery continues today as more and more names get thrown out there.

No one knows right now as Billy King is playing his cards close to his chest and not allowing any pertinent information to be leaked as to what direction they will be going.

Who is the Nets front runner to be the next coach?

An experienced coach, an assistant waiting for his turn or a surprise hire?  Who knows at this point.

[quote_simple] Fred Kerber NY Post

Several sources maintain Memphis’ Lionel Hollins is not the odds-on choice he appears to be in some circles. The Nets had to wait until the Grizzlies’ playoff run concluded. Hollins has said his preference is to return to the Grizzlies after his contract expires at the end of June and has stated his belief Memphis execs will not allow suitors to chat with him before then.

If there is an overwhelming front-runner right now, the Nets are guarding it closely, so figure there is a surprise candidate out in left field. General manager Billy King, the guy at the Jeff Van Gundy profile picforefront of the hunt, isn’t talking publicly. Suffice it to say the new coach needs to have “development” skills, which repeatedly and endlessly was the knock on Carlesimo and the source of his downfall.

But if the Nets indeed have waited to this point for a coach such as Hollins, maybe they are also waiting to the end of the playoffs, when Jeff Van Gundy re-enters the mix after he calls the last NBA Finals game for TV. For as many folks who say “maybe” as many say “no way.”

The waiting process also may signal interest in Brian Shaw, the highly-regarded Pacers assistant. Indiana president of basketball operations Donnie Walsh indicated at the start of the playoffs he would not prevent teams from talking to Shaw. He fielded several calls and asked that teams wait until the end of the playoffs.

Lionel Hollins on sidelines in WCFAn Indiana source stressed the Nets were not among the early callers, but there is a strong connection between King and Walsh (King was an assistant under coach Larry Brown for Walsh in Indiana). One league source though, strictly on speculation, said his “gut” said the Nets wanted an “established” head coach.

“I think they have high regard for [Shaw], but with that roster and owner, my gut says they would want an established guy,” he said.[/quote_simple]

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