What Are The Chances Bojan Bogdanovic Comes To Nets After Trade?

Updated: July 2, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets 2011 second-round pick Bojan Bogdanovic is a 6-8 smooth shooting Croatian swing man that is said to be one of the most NBA players in Europe that has yet to come to the states.

In May, Billy King made it known he wanted to bring the 6-foot-8 and almost 220 pound Turkish Basketball League and Euroleague star over this coming summer and was quoted as saying he was 90-95 percent sure he would be brought over.

“Billy loves him,” one source said. “I would call it a 90-95 percent chance he is with the Nets next season. This time last year, it was probably 50-50.”

[quote_box]Does King still feel this way and has anything changed since he made the blockbuster trade with Boston last week?

Will Bogdanovic be able to negotiate a buyout that will work for Brooklyn and his Euro club?

Do the Nets have room for him under the salary cap and will the mini-midlevel exception be enough for Bogdanovic?[/quote_box]

More news that could affect this are rumors that the Nets are looking at signing Kyle Korver to be that shooter off the bench and that will most certainly use the mini-midlevel that would have been used for Bogdanovic.

[quote_simple]Sporting News

Bogdanovic’s agent, Marc Cornstein, said on Monday that his client shares the goal of coming over to the NBA with King. “It’s still the case that he would like to come to the NBA, and the Nets would like to bring him over,” he said. “It is a more fluid situation now, though.”

Cornstein would not comment on the specifics of Bogdanovic’s buyout, but NBA teams are, by rule, allowed to use $575,000 toward an international buyout, and that money is not charged against the salary cap. “What I would say about (the buyout) is that it is manageable to where he could come over this year if that’s how things work out,” Cornstein said.[/quote_simple]

Salary Cap Note:

Teams over the salary cap or “Tax Teams” can use the “mini-midlevel,” which maxes out at three years and $10 million, starting at $3.183 million.

Teams under the salary cap or “Non-tax” teams get the full midlevel, worth four years and $22 million, starting at $5.15 million.

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