Was Mark Cuban Completely Wrong About Not Signing D-Will?

Updated: March 20, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets head into Dallas tonight to face the Mavericks in the second game of the “circus road trip” looking to avenge a loss to Dallas on March 1st.  One topic that will be talked about more than others is the return to Dallas for hometown boy Deron Williams.

Williams walked away from his hometown team during free agency and news broke that a main reason was the absence of the Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban at the summer meeting with D-Will.  Cuban then began to back track and tell everyone that would listen that giving Williams a max deal was wrong for his team.

What will the Mavericks have in store for a now healthy and explosive Williams tonight?  Will the Texas boy spoil their party?

Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas News

Just when it looked like Mark Cuban was right about being wrong about Deron Williams, the story flops again. D-Will is back, baby, and not just for a reunion in The Colony.Deron Williams drives on OJ Mayo of Mavericks

Maybe you remember last summer’s story line: Williams clearly was the object of Cuban’s desire, one of the primary reasons he dismantled a championship team, so he could cherry-pick a superstar or two to nurse Dirk Nowitzki in his declining years. Or at least that’s what Williams and the rest of us were led to believe.

Next thing you know, Cuban passes on a meeting with Williams to film an episode of Shark Tank; Williams passes on his hometown; and Cuban tells us it’s all for the best.

You can believe all of the above if you want, but if so, you probably shouldn’t be operating any heavy equipment.

Basically, Cuban was telling us that even with all the cap space he cleared from the ruins of the title team, he still didn’t have enough room to build a winner if he signed Williams to a max contract.

Here is where you slap your forehead and say, “What?”

If Deron Williams wasn’t good enough for Cuban, exactly who is?

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