VIDEO – PJ Carlesimo: A Voice Of Reason For Nets Fans

Updated: December 10, 2013



It was nice to see a voice of reason in this internet world of panic that spoke loud and clear about the idea of “patience” for a newly constructed NBA team.

Thank you PJ Carlesimo for saying on national television what some of us have been preaching relentlessly – Let this team get healthy and they judge the product.

In this spot on ESPN’s Number Never Lie Carlesimo goes into great detail about how hard it is to play when you have been decimated by injuries and what he thinks will happen as the season goes one.

“If and when they get it together (Nets) are potentially a much better playoff team than regular season team. Take away the back-to-backs, take away the travel, minimize these guys minutes, they are a dangerous team.

If they get into the playoffs it will be as a four seed, if they win the division, so it will be interesting.”



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