VIDEO – Nets Recap: #Spurs 111 – #Nets 86 GROUNDHOG DAY

Updated: February 10, 2013

Spurs 111 – Nets 86

No Duncan and Ginobili. Tiago Splitter started the game 2-for-2 but he was matched by Joe Johnson’s 3-for-4. The Nets came out hitting some shots to take a 15-11 lead while shooting 6-for-9 and going 2-of-3 from three point range. Tony Parker started to go to the basket and got the Spurs back into the game and drained multiple free throws. Keith Bogans brought energy and hit two big threes to help the Nets stretch the lead to double figures. Nets explode for 35 points in the first going 14-22 (4-5 from 3) for a 35-25 lead behind Brook Lopez 10 points and five rebounds. Good pace so far.

Horrible pick and roll defense hurt the Nets early in the second and the lead shrunk immediately. P.J. Carlesimo left Deron Williams on the floor with two fouls to start the second which was a new twist. CJ Watson joined Williams in the backcourt to see if they could stay the course and not blow the lead. The Nets Big 3 had 26 of their first 41 points. Andray Blatche corrected his bad defense temporarily and scored an three possessions to help Nets Bench score 16 points. Parker led the Spurs with 14 as the offense was balanced and the Spurs knocked down 5-7 from three. Lopez led the Nets with 14 points six rebounds and three assists while Williams and Johnson combined for 23 points at half. Spurs outscored the Nets 26-22 in the second but went to the lockerroom down 57-51.

Spurs started the third with a 10-4 run to tie the game at 61. Danny Green
hit multiple 3-pointers and Parker took over the game with a 17-4 run to lead the Spurs to a 70-65 lead. The Nets tried to force the ball to Lopez but once again flopped in the early moments after halftime. The Spurs went on another 16-5 run behind 10 points in the quarter by Parker. The Nets had six turnovers in the third which led to the Spurs gaining control. The Nets lost the quarter 30-14 to be down 81-71 after three.

[quote_box]Gerald Wallace – It’s effort. It’s character. It’s heart. We’ve got to be able to respond.[/quote_box]

The Spurs started the quarter on a 12-4 run to take a 93-75 lead as the Nets fold up shop once again and can’t hit a single shot. The turnovers by Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace killed any chance the Nets had of staying in the game. Spurs continued to shoot 57 percent with six minutes left and 67 percent from 3-point range. The Nets offense was left in the lockerroom as the lead grew to 20 points. Williams did another disappearing act for the Nets and faded away the entire half. The crowd at the Barclays Center reacted with a chorus of boos for the lackluster play of the home team. The game was won by dribble penetration by Parker and the Nets complete overreaction to it which left the Spurs shooters open all night. The Spurs shot 12-19 from three and blew out the Nets 111-86 .

GAME CHANGER: The Nets scored 35 points in the first quarter and only scored 51 points the rest of the game in the final three quarters. The Spurs outscored the Nets 60-29 in the second half.

STAT OF THE GAME: Parker absolutely dominated Williams in this second blowout of the Brooklyn Nets scoring 29 points while dishing 11 assists and not turning it over once. Williams had 15 points on 5-of-11 shooting with three assists and three turnovers. This effort will not due for a max player in Brooklyn.

Something is wrong with DWill and it needs to be corrected.

[quote_box]PJ – There’s been a number of these, even against arguably the best team in the league in our building, you can’t do that. It is unacceptable. We need to be better.[/quote_box]

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