VIDEO – Nets Recap: #Nets 91 – #Timberwolves 83 Revenge!

Updated: January 23, 2013

Nets 91 – Timberwolves 83

The Nets got off to a hot start with Brook Lopez scoring 10 quick points and Joe Johnson taking advantage of his size against the smaller Minnesota guards.  Johnson had eight points in the first quarter. The Nets got sloppy late in the first and turned it over six times but still led 24-17 after one quarter of play . Nets shot 57 percent to Timberwolves 38 percent.

Andray Blatche came on and missed three straight jumpers before he realized he was 7ft tall and started going to the hole. Blatche scored nine points and had four rebounds in second quarter.  The Nets had eight steals in the first half alone.   Deron Williams got hot late in the second and scored nine points in a row and ended the half with 11.  Lopez had 14 points in first half on 6-7 shooting.  Nets led 53-42 behind 50 percent shooting.

Timberwolves went on 10-1 run at start of third quarter behind horrible turnovers by Reggie Evans and Lopez.    The Nets started the quarter 1-10 with three turnovers.  Johnson and Lopez hit shots to keep the Timberwolves at bay for the time being.  Ricky Rubio had a horrible day with five points, six assists and four turnovers and looked out of sorts.  Timberwolves outscored the Nets 20-15 in the third quarter behind sloppy play and six Nets turnovers in quarter. Nets lead was down to 68-62 after three quarters.

CJ Watson came alive after being pestered by JJ Barea to hit a couple of big shots to start the 4th and had with 10 points in the quarter.   The Nets lead dwindled down to three points with six minutes left when Johnson hit a big 3-pointer to put Nets up 80-74.  Williams hit free throws late and put together a big all around game 18 points, eight assists,  six rebounds and three steals on 6-for-12 shooting.  Lopez continued his solid All-Star level play and ended the game with 22 points, seven rebounds and two blocks.  Nets win 91-83.

[quote_box]PJ – “The turnovers kept them in the game. We could have really stretched it out in the first half and we didn’t do that. We knew from the beginning if we let them hang around it would come down to who would make shots down the stretch. Fortunately we had a couple of guys hit some big shots.”[/quote_box]

GAME CHANGER: CJ Watson played 20 minutes and was huge off the bench to score 14 points on 6-for-8 along with two 3-pointers.

STAT OF THE NIGHT: The Nets halted an 8 game losing streak in Minnesota with the win.

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