VIDEO – Nets Recap – #Lakers 92 – #Nets 83 – Nets FAIL Miserably

Updated: February 5, 2013

Lakers 92 – Nets 83

Deron Williams tried to jump start a sputtering offense and got the Nets going with a 3-pointer and a layup. Lakers did not start well either with turnovers and miscues. Brook Lopez used his size early for a few baskets to give the Nets the lead. The teams turned it over nine times total on the first six minutes. Williams kept pushing and was more offensive then past games early on. Both teams shot terribly in the first and the Nets led 24-18 .

The second quarter began with more turnovers and missed shots and the Lakers pulled ahead behind solid play by Pau Gasol and a Nets 0-for-12 period. Gasol and Earl Clark shot 10-of-17 for 23 points at half. Turnovers killed the Nets with nine at half and Lopez along with Williams saved this game from being a blowout with 23 points and nine rebounds. All around bad play by the Nets cost them a lead and momentum and the Lakers ran off a 19-10 spurt after it was tied at 30. The Nets shot 33 percent at half and were only 2-for-11 from 3-point range. Lakers shot 49 percent for the half and dominated the second quarter 31-16 to take a 49-40 lead.

[quote_box]PJ: I’m not encouraged by anything I saw tonight.[/quote_box]

The Nets opened the second half on a 20-9 run to take the lead 60-59 behind Joe Johnson’s 3-pointers and Gerald Wallace’s solid defense. Lopez had six points in the third and looked to be getting comfortable in the middle. Kobe Bryant did not shoot well although he managed eight points in the third to get the Lakers a 67-64 lead at the end of three.

The fourth began with Steve Blake hitting for seven straight Lakers points while Lopez tried to keep the Nets alive with 12 points in the fourth alone. Bryant and the Lakers seized the game with two minutes to play and the score tied at 82. The Lakers behind Bryant and Steve Nash salted the game away with an 10-1 run to end the game and send the Barclays Center crowd home with another disappointing loss at home. The Nets turned the ball over 16 more times tonight and shot a miserable 35 percent from the field against a poor defensive team in the Lakers.

This game was there for the Nets to take but once again they showed no heart or passion to take the game and gave it away. Lopez was the single bright spot for the Nets as he punished the Lakers for 30 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks while Dwight Howard watched.

GAME CHANGER: Steve Blake hitting three straight shots to start the fourth quarter doomed the Nets.

STAT OF THE GAME: The Nets shot 35 percent from the field against one of the worst defensive teams in the league and shot an even worse 26 percent from 3-point range going 6-for-23.

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