VIDEO – Nets Recap: #Celtics 93 – #Nets 76

Updated: December 25, 2012

Celtics 93 – Nets 76

The Boston Celtics came to Brooklyn and beat up on the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day and it was not a pretty site. 

Boston @ Brooklyn Christmas Day 2012The easiest way to explain is that the Celtics “wanted” this win badly and the Nets did not.  Inexcusable effort for most of the game and the lineup shuffling continued as Avery Johnson looks for answers.

The offense really can’t be blamed totally when your team turns it over 20 times and misses 12 free throws at home on national television on Christmas Day. 

This was a big game for the Nets to try and see if this smaller lineup will work better with their roster and the hope to get some consistency like earlier in the year.

This did not happen today and all Nets fans paid the price with a BIG chunk of coal in all their stockings on Christmas with a big division loss.

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