VIDEO – Jerry Stackhouse goes on ESPN FirstTake and talks Brooklyn Nets

Updated: May 21, 2013

The man himself, Jerry Stackhouse, took to the set of ESPN’s First Take today to battle with Skip Bayless and Chris Broussard about the playoffs and more importantly the Brooklyn Nets team and current coaching search.

Stackhouse began by talking about what the Brooklyn Nets are missing and what they need. He then went into the coaching options and who he thought would be a great fit for the current Nets roster.

[quote_simple]”I think it just needs someone to really to guide, a stickler, someone to come in everyday and say we are going to do it this way. We have a system in place and we cant deviate from the system” Stackhouse said.

“If we come off a screen, I want you to come off the screen and chase. I don’t want you to shoot the gap.  Some guys say we can do it either way.  I feel like this particular team needs someone  to tell them to do it THIS way.”

Stackhouse spoke of how a coach like Stan Van Gundy wears on guys after a while although Jeff Van Gundy –

“Wears on you the right way and you play the right way and he would be an ideal coach.”

More from Stackhouse – “A guy like Brian Shaw, I think he has paid his dues, but I think with this particular team they feel like they are ready to win. They want someone who has been there and been to at least and conference finals and can guide them.  I think thats what that group needs.”[/quote_simple]

It seems that the players have the same ideas that most Nets fans have that a veteran coach that has accomplished things in the NBA would be a better fit than a first time coach.

The rest of the interview is below on video.


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