VIDEO – Official Brooklyn Nets Anthem by John Forte (updated)

Updated: February 27, 2013

I don’t know how everyone else feels but I thoroughly enjoy this song. Every Brooklyn Nets fan should hear it on a loop for five minutes prior to watching any Nets games. 

It just fits with the Nets image right now and will only become stronger as they make playoff runs and tinker with this roster.  There are problems with this team right now, but that can be expected when the entire roster was turned over in the summer.  The entire organization moved to Brooklyn and they are still 34-24 right now with a home seed in the playoffs.

There aren’t many teams that can pull off what Boston did in their first year of the Big 3 and run to the ring. 

After watching the New Jersey version of the Nets for the last few years, I will take these Nets any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Watch the video and enjoy.

Rachel Hislop for Global Grind Staff

Brooklyn, stand up. 

Less than a year after the highly acclaimed Barclays Center opened its doors to the Brooklyn Nets, the epic stadium finally has a theme song that pays homage to its home borough, and lyrically represents the pride affiliated with being not only a Brooklyn Nets fan, but a proud Brooklynite. 

And who better to fit the bill than John Forte, the classically-trained violinist, former Fugees member and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer who was molded by Brooklyn, New York. 

Along with the help of Brooklyn-based director Gabriel Noble, the two took to the historical Brooklyn streets to shoot the visuals for the anthem.

The outcome, “Brooklyn: Something To Lean On,” captures the true essence of what it is to know and love the borough that is home to the Brooklyn Nets. 

Gabriel Noble shared his statement on the reason behind making “Brooklyn: Something to Lean On,” saying: 

I’ve been a fan since day one. Brooklyn is where I fell in love, where I was inspired to grind through the grit and chase my dreams, and where I blend in and stick out. From Hassidics to Hustlers, old-school Italians to young thriving artists, Brooklyn is not just the most ethnically and culturally diverse borough in the New York- but the also the proudest. However, it was not until the Brooklyn Nets moved into the neighborhood that we had a unifying anthem. This video features the prolific rapper (and former Fugees member) John Forte as he performs the Nets theme song, intercut with the landmarks, the character, and court-side Brooklyn basketball history.

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