Ungrateful and disgruntled Jason Kidd talks about short Nets tenure and exit

Updated: October 20, 2014

Look who is back in town Nets fans?  Good old Jason Kidd!!!!!

Kidd was back in New York this past weekend to take on the New York Knicks on Monday with his new Milwaukee Bucks team and decided it was a good time to make his first public comments on the Brooklyn Nets and how things ended so badly for him in Brooklyn.

Kidd, being his ever devious and conniving self, decided to make it seem as if the Nets were the ones who gave up on him and he had nothing to do with his unceremonious departure this past summer after one rocky year as head coach.

quotes via ESPNNewYork.com

“Did I want to be traded?” said Kidd, whose Bucks play the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Monday. “I think once [the Nets] OK’d the talk to Milwaukee, that just showed, whatever you want to call it, rumors or no rumors that they wanted to fire me in December had to have some legs.”

Kidd made it a point to allude to multiple reports that management “strongly considered” making a coaching change during the Nets lackluster 10-21 start in December of last season although Russian ownership stuck with Kidd during his struggles.

When it came to the question of whether or not he was “seeking additional power” he denied it. (cough cough)

“No, I don’t need any power,” Kidd said. “My [job] is to learn how to be a coach and be the best coach that I can be.”

“I believe it,” Kidd said when asked about Pierce’s comments about not being offered a contract. “I mean, if they don’t offer [Pierce] a contract worth what a first-round pick is, then why did we do the deal [last year for Pierce and Garnett]?”

“They got a plan,” Kidd said when asked about the Nets’ direction now. “You got to ask [Nets GM] Billy King, [Nets chairman] Dmitry [Razumov] and [owner] Mikhail [Prokhorov]. They have a plan and you just got to go with what the plan is.”

When asked about a comment he made recently to ESPN’s Chris Broussard about how “Brooklyn thought that they could do better” in regards to his departure from the Nets, Kidd points to what the Nets have now.

“They got second round picks,” Kidd said on Sunday. “I thought they got a coach [Lionel Hollins] and second-round picks.”


Your damn right we got a coach Jason which is more than you are. 

You are simply a glory hound seeking only for people to praise you even though you did not and still do not have the work ethic or determination needed to be a head coach in the NBA.

Good luck in Milwaukee with those clueless owners and those 20 win seasons ahead of you.

You WILL NOT be missed in Brooklyn as you simply destroyed your legacy for the team who honored your every move.

Good riddance.

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