Toronto GM Masai Ujiri Fined 25k for expletive about Brooklyn

Updated: April 22, 2014



As expected the NBA handed down a $25,000 fine to Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri for saying “F#@k Brooklyn” during the Raptors pregame rally on Saturday.

Ujiri has since tried to apologize in his own way but not take back the comments fully.  This morning on a Toronto morning show called Morning Metro he said he felt a bit disrespected by the Nets’ resting their stars down the stretch and the league virtually ignoring the Raptors.

[quote_box]”I was trying to deliver a message. The message had the wrong choice of words. … I also apologize to every GM in the NBA. Ujiri said.  “We are standing up for something here. … I was trying to be out and be proud of who we are, growing as a team.”

Ujiri continued “It’s really not about the series. It’s about us moving forward as a team. … It’s not about Brooklyn.”[/quote_box]

Regardless of what Ujiri meant it was unprofessional at best but it did give a little bit more spark to the first round series with the Brooklyn Nets so Nets fans don’t mind at all.


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