Spurs Popovich to Jason Kidd: “Stay positive"

Updated: January 2, 2014



The season is turning in a deeper disaster day by day for Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd and there is no trade or magic potion that will fix the issues this team has.

Kidd never imagined that he would have to persuade this veteran laden team to play with heart or intensity but the truth is, it looks like he does have to beg for energy or passion.

The Nets got spanked 113-92 on New Years Eve by the San Antonio Spurs who are coached by one the best coaches the NBA has ever seen in Greg Popovich.

Kidd always had the utmost respect for the Spurs and their anti-media coach so in the offseason prior to even taking the Nets job Kidd reached out to Popovich for advice.

What did the longest tenured NBA coach tell him – “STAY POSITIVE.”

Those words certainly ring true today as his Nets stand at 10-21 and mired in mediocrity and playing without passion or tenacity.

Popovich was asked prior to the Spurs/Nets game if having experience was a plus in coaching in the NBA.

[quote_box]“If it was a perfect world,” said Popovich to the SpursNation, “having experience would always help, no matter who it is. There are people who’ve been around for a long time, played for a lot of guys and kind of know what they want to do, and what the want to stay away from, and Jason, hopefully he can be one of those guys.”[/quote_box]

One thing that Popovich did tell reporters was that when he was a rookie head coach he did not have a smooth beginning but the Spurs were patient with him and he eventually figured it out.

Pop did mention that the circumstances that Kidd has been placed with all the injuries certainly have had a major impact on the team.

[quote_box]“He’s had a tough run,” he said. “It would have been tough enough just with all the new players getting used to each other, both personally and basketball wise, let alone all the injuries they’ve had. They’ve had it very, very tough.”

“Be himself, stay positive; keep on coaching, keep on demanding, be consistent and create that culture. He’s tough enough to do it.”[/quote_box]


The question is can Kidd continue to “stay positive” and make it through this rough patch or will management pull the pull on the Nets legend sooner rather than later?

I think the season is now lost so it wouldn’t benefit anyone to fire Kidd and short circuit his coaching career because he has players on this team that simply do not care and are not putting forth the proper effort from a professional athlete.

Let this season run its course and then re-evaluate the roster and see if Kidd grows into the job.


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