SNYNets: Best Jason Kidd Moments From Staff

Updated: October 17, 2013

Today on SNYNets the team put together a list of our favorite/best Jason Kidd moments on the day his number goes into the rafters of the Barclays Center forever.

[quote_simple][box] John Paolantonio, Contributor (myself)

July 18th, 2001: the day the then-New Jersey Nets traded for Kidd back in 2001.Rod Thorn Jason Kidd and Byron Scott holding ball after trade to Nets was official

Before Kidd even crossed my mind, I was elated I was to rid my team of the enormous problem named Stephon Marbury. The state of the Nets wasn’t good; the franchise was a complete laughingstock throughout the league, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The Nets finished 26-56 the previous season and hadn’t made the playoffs since 1998. Yes, they had just drafted Kenyon Martin one overall, but the Nets were rudderless. They needed a leader in the worst way.

The one quote I remember vividly from back then was the one where Kidd confidently said on a Phoenix conference call, “I am excited to be traded to the Nets. The Nets will make the playoffs next season.”

I was mystified by his swagger. I had never heard those words stated about the Nets before. After idolizing Michael Jordan for most of my childhood, I was yearning for a player that had that similar attitude. The Nets now had a leader who wanted to be there, and the juices started to flow in myself and many Nets fans.  I wasn’t totally confident, but I did know we just stole one of the best point guards of the generation for almost nothing.

Thanks to Rod Thorn for pulling that off![/box]

[box]Brian Erni, Lead Writer, Jim Mancari, Contributor and John Presser, Contributor also gave their favorite Kidd moments.


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