Silver Won't Comment on Kidd DUI Discipline

Updated: September 26, 2013

Jason Kidd is getting prepped and ready to start his first professional training camp as the head coach of an NBA franchise a week from now.The Brooklyn Nets are a team that has been stacked with talent top-to-bottom and the expectations are sky high right now for a run at the championship.

The team is scheduled to retired his jersey in a preseason game against the defending champion Miami Heat so things are looking good for a bright future for he and the Nets.Jason Kidd coaching in summer league game

One thing still needs to be determined and taken care of before the new head coach can completely focus on his new job.

The consequences for his DUI arrest have yet to be determined although yesterday we got some clarity on what might transpire.

At a press conference to announce the 2015 All-Star Game being split between the Nets and the rival New York Knicks, soon to be commissioner Adam Silver was asked the question about Kidd’s impending punishment.

[blockquote]”I don’t want to comment on Jason in particular,” Silver said. “But the precedent is pretty clear for convictions for DUI.”[/blockquote]

In the past David Stern has punished players/coaches with a two game suspension for other DUI cases.  This would likely be the punishment that Kidd will have to server to start the new NBA season.

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