Report: Nets Reach Out To Jeff Van Gundy

Updated: June 1, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets coaching search took another turn yesterday as Mark Heisler reported that ex- Houston/New York coach Jeff Van Gundy had been contacted by Billy King.

ESPN’s Mike Mazzeo later conformed the report and added that the talks were preliminary and no interview has been set.

The chances seem to be very slim that Van Gundy would be the choice for Brooklyn as per analysts in the know although the idea of Van Gundy strolling the Nets sidelines is highly intriguing.

The Nets players have expressed their desire to have a veteran coach that has been through the NBA wars but they really don’t have a say in the selection.

Van Gundy has been an analyst for ESPN since his last coaching stint in 2007 with the Houston Rockets where he was bounced out of the first round by the Utah Jazz.

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Reached later Friday afternoon, the former Knicks and Houston Rockets head coach responded to the report.

“I don’t just talk about jobs,” Van Gundy told via text message. “If [Nets General Manager] Billy [King] wants to talk about who he has talked to, then that’s up to him.”

Van Gundy didn’t exactly confirm that contact was made, but he certainly didn’t deny it either. In any case, Van Gundy, who owns a .575 regular season winning percentage in 12 seasons between the Knicks and Rockets, is widely considered one of the best coaches not currently coaching in the NBA.[/quote_simple]

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