Report: Nets and Clippers discussing sign-and-trade possibilities for Paul Pierce

Updated: July 3, 2014

In the latest round of free agent rumblings ESPN is reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers and head coach Doc Rivers have reached out to Brooklyn Nets free agent Paul Pierce about a possible sign-and-trade scenario that would land the veteran free agent in LA.

Pierce played last season in Brooklyn after being traded from Boston with Kevin Garnett so the Nets hold his Bird Rights which allows the Nets to offer Pierce, who made $15.3 million last season, the most money in a new contract.

The Clippers can only offer Pierce about $5.3 million as a free agent which is why a sign-and-trade with the Nets would allow him to receive anywhere from $8 to $10 million a year. The Nets would have to take players and draft picks in return for Pierce to make the deal work and we don’t know who on the Clippers roster the Nets would accept in this scenario.

Pierce is originally from the Los Angeles area and was a Lakers fan growing up so a reunion with Rivers on the West Coast may be attractive to Pierce at this stage of his career so Nets fans should take pause and have to wait out these negotiations.

This would be a big hit to the Nets if Pierce decided to leave after only one season in Brooklyn but on the other hand it could replenish some draft picks and bring the salary cap down for the Nets at the same time.

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