Phil Jackson – "With Brooklyn, you’ve got two of the pieces that you want to have toward a champion.”

Updated: May 23, 2013

Phil Jackson made some more news today on his Eleven Rings book tour and this time he stated the obvious about the flaws in the New York Knicks roster and where the Brooklyn Nets stand in their battle for New York.

Jackson has never been one to mince words and he mentioned some similar thoughts yesterday on the Dan Patrick show when speaking of the Knicks roster as it stands now.  He said Brooklyn was a great option but he simply did not want to coach again.


NY Times – Harvey Araton

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What are Jackson’s credentials to evaluate talent anywhere beyond his enormous success in motivating and deploying it? He did call the Knicks’ roster clumsy long before it proved to be just that in losing to the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Jackson considers Carmelo Anthony “an amazing ballplayer who still has another level to step up.” But given a choice, he seemed to prefer Brooklyn’s roster to New York’s because of the age of the Knicks and the presence of the Nets’ Deron Williams and Brook Lopez.

“The Knicks still have to find some accommodating group of guys that know how to play ball together, move the ball, play the game the right way,” he said. “With Brooklyn, if you’ve got a point guard and a solid center, or a good point guard and a great center, you’ve got two of the pieces that you want to have toward a champion.”

Jackson may or may not have full-time work any time soon. But as pro basketball’s reigning Buddha he will remain perched on the perimeter of teams everywhere, a phone call away from another round of X and O suggestion and self-examination.[/quote_simple]

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