Paul Pierce's New York Moment and Creating An Identity

Updated: October 30, 2013

[quote_simple]Paul Pierce is getting acclimated to the Brooklyn Nets as well as living in New York City all at the same time.

He is not in Boston anymore and fans will tell him everyday just to make sure he remembers it.

The fickle New York fans will love you to death if you win and also hate you in a nanosecond if you fail.

[box]Ohm Youngmisuk got this from Pierce about being in New York…..

“This one guy, I am never going to forget him,” Pierce said recently in an interview with “He said, ‘Hey Paul, welcome to New York! I’m a Knicks fan.'”ThereCanOnlyBeOne

Pierce noticed the self-proclaimed Knicks fan was wearing a black Brooklyn Nets hat.

“How do you got a Brooklyn Nets hat on and you’re saying, ‘Go Knicks?'” Pierce asked. “He said, ‘I’m just from Brooklyn. But I root for the Knicks.’

“That was kinda like my welcome to New York moment.”

Welcome to New York, the concrete jungle where Pierce’s dream is not only to help the Nets win a championship, but also to convert as many Knicks fans as possible.[/box]

[box]Pierce and Kevin Garnett are changing the Nets identity already……

They’ve added toughness and championship mettle and injected a jolt of attitude into a team that Kidd described as “vanilla” last season.

“Well, I think it’s changed already, the identity, when the trade happened,” Jason Kidd said.

“It is not only that intense feeling toward the Heat,” Pierce explained. “It has to be intense feelings toward the rest of the league. When we were Celtics, we always said we like ourselves [but] we don’t like nobody. You know what I’m saying?

“That created a lot of hate for us,” Pierce said. “We were kind of like the bad guys, the big bad Celtics. We didn’t mind playing the villain role. If that is what we got to do here in Brooklyn, that is what we got to do. The great teams, they create an identity for themselves. That is what we are trying to do here.”[/box]



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