Paul Pierce: "There’s nothing like a crosstown rivalry."

Updated: August 9, 2013

Paul Pierce may not have been too chatty when he hit the podium for the Brooklyn Nets press conference a couple of weeks ago but he seems to be settled into playing in Brooklyn now and isn’t holding anything back.

Pierce has been making the rounds and doing interviews all over the place.  He may be having an issue figuring out the tunnels in New York City but he isn’t mincing words when he talks about the cross-town rivalry with the New York Knicks and how he has always loved to play in NY.

This SLAM online interview with “The Truth” talks his move to the city and how he feels about the Knicks- Nets rivalry.

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SLAM: It’s really amazing that you’re going through the new-team experience for the first time.

PP: Everything’s all new. I’m embracing all this, that’s why I’m here in the summer. This is my third trip to New York this summer, going to events like this. I’m gonna embrace it.

SLAM: So, if we’re talking Knicks-Nets at Madison Square Garden…

PP: War music. All war music.

SLAM: It was always so obvious that you loved destroying the Knicks.

PP: Oh yeah. That was my favorite place to play. [Laughs] I definitely enjoyed it. Just thinking about the rivalry now, and being a part of it—you know I had the rivalry with Boston-New York, and now with Brooklyn—there’s nothing like a crosstown rivalry. Now you have Clippers-Lakers, which hasn’t really been a rivalry ever, but now the Clippers are relevant. And now Brooklyn has moved over here and elevated their play to the level where you can say this is a true rivalry.

SLAM: The NBA schedule was just released. Do you have any dates circled?

PP: I haven’t really had a chance to study it, I just skimmed through it yesterday.

SLAM: I imagine the return to Boston will be pretty emotional.

PP: Oh it’s definitely gonna be emotional. You spend almost half of your life in Boston, so a lot of emotions are gonna run deep, because of friends and the things you accomplished there. The fans there, the season tickets owners—I know a lot of them. I’ll see all those people.[/quote_simple]

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