Orlando's GM "Outclassed"

Updated: March 1, 2012

The Orlando Magic have reached a new low today on the first day, March 1st, that teams can realistically talk “trades” for acquired players as they can now be dealt freely. They are officially in scramble mode trying to find a “superstar” that they can trade for to satisfy Dwight Howard and beg him to stay in Orlando. I understand the philosophy but NOT the timing as they look weak and outclassed as an organization.  This has to be a slap in the face to Howard who has routinely asked management for years to listen to him a bit more about personnel and now all of a sudden they want his input.  They are looking into acquiring Steve Nash ( at Dwight’s suggestion) and Monta Ellis although they fail to realize they do not have anything of value that other teams want. Even if Orlando was to bring in a third team to help facilitate a trade for Ellis, does Monta Ellis put Orlando ahead of Miami or Chicago? The Phoenix Suns have repeatedly told Nash and the rest of the league that they want Nash to retire a Sun and Nash has said the same as recent as last night.

I do not think Howard will be swayed by these ploys as he knows they dont care about his suggestions and there are better days ahead of him elsewhere.  He knows all too well of the relationship that Deron Williams currently has with his GM Billy King and how they speak daily about the direction of the team and how Williams has insight and information that can help King and the Nets.  This just tells Howard again that Otis Smith is “outclassed” in the GM role in Orlando and has been for years.

From everything I read daily and hourly, Howard HAS NOT changed his request to be traded and that is the key factor in this entire scenario.

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