NOW is the time for Prokhorov and the Nets

Updated: October 28, 2013

[quote_simple]The NBA season is just a day away from beginning and two days before the Brooklyn Nets start their quest for a championship.

Stephen A. Smith decided that he would tell the world what all Nets fans already knew…….. Mikhail Prokhorov is not screwing around and the man wants a ring and he wants it now.

The players know, the coaches know and the GM knows that the writing is on the wall and it s time to execute the game plan.

“We’re all at a point in our careers where egos are behind us,” Joe Johnson said recently. “We’ve all checked our egos at the door. It ain’t about the stats, how many points we’re scoring or who takes the last shot.  It’s about doing what it takes to try and win a championship. It’s all that’s on our minds. KG has made sure of it, man. He’s got us all on the same page.”

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are in Brooklyn for the sole purpose of winning another title and if that pisses off the New York Knicks and Miami Heat along the way then that would be an added bonus to all Nets fans.

“You don’t make this kind of commitment unless you’re planning and competing for a championship,” King explained.

[box]I love this part that Smith’s end with:

His Nets are legitimate title contenders. They have a chance to knock off the Heat.

Anything less, in all probability, will be deemed entirely unacceptable.

And Brooklyn wouldn’t have it any other way.[/box]

Is it Wednesday night yet in Cleveland?


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