Nets “zeroing in on” Lionel Hollins hire per multiple sources

Updated: July 1, 2014

The Brooklyn Nets look like they will hire a veteran coach after the chance they took with Jason Kidd did not work out too well and reports from the NY Daily News  and Yahoo Sports are that Lionel Hollins seems to be the desired candidate at this moment.

Hollins was interviewed last night in New York by Billy King and a few other member of Nets management and will continue the interview today.

Hollins is known around the league as a defensive coach with a firm hand but also seems to develop players very well.  He did not mesh well in Memphis with the new management there who seemed hell bent on using analytic’s more and more but he did manage to take the Grizzlies to the Western Conference Finals in his last season amidst the turmoil.

Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News reports:

“We’d like to get someone in here soon” Billy King said.

“If you look at track record and what he did in Memphis, he was able to go in there and take a team, added some veterans and they continually got better,” King said. “He developed some young guys, (Marc) Gasol, some bug guys. If you look at Memphis, they got consistently got better every year.”

“We’ll reevaluate where we are (after the meeting),” King said. “If we need to reach out to some more people, we’ll reach out to some more people. It’s an ongoing process.”

“You talk to coaches and see how they view the roster. If they come in and say, ‘OK, we want to score 140 points and play like Houston,’ well that’s not gonna happen, we’re not built that way,” King said. “Throughout the process, you interview, you ask questions and you try to get the candidate to come in and fit the roster.”

I personally think that George Karl would be the best fit for this particular Nets team with all of the offensive talent that they currently possess but Hollins is not the worst choice out there.

A veteran coach is needed more than ever right now as free agency began last night and the Nets need to show Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and their own free agents that they can do damage control and put this recent Kidd disaster behind them quickly and move on without any further turbulence.

The Nets cannot lose Pierce or Garnett under any circumstances after giving up the farm for them last season.  It is imperative that both see a straight ahead and positive direction for the team right now.


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