Nets Mirza Teletovic Is Not A Happy Camper

Updated: November 4, 2013


[box]Mirza Teletovic seems to be unhappy three games into the Nets new season and he let it be known, kind of, on twitter following last night’s debacle in Orlando.

[quote_box]The NY Daily News translated the tweet to mean

“I hate when they lie to me.”

Teletovic is used to being the star of his team and I am sure that is quite difficult to handle when you are now on the bottom of the totem pole but patience is needed in the NBA.

He is obviously not happy about his lack of playing time and the fact that he gets into the game when the Nets need to hits some 3-pointers to help get them back into the game. His reputation as a deadlyshooter precedes him so he shouldn’t let it bother him and embrace it for now.

It is understandable for him to feel this way since that is about the only time he seems to see the floor since he arrived in Brooklyn but this is a new season so he needs to out his personal feelings aside and play for the team and one goal.

When he does get his chance on the court he needs to utilize that time and make the coaching staff want to play him more.

Hang in there Mirza as we know you can play this game.  [/box]

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