Nets 3rd Quarter Meltdowns MUST Stop

Updated: November 26, 2013



The Brooklyn Nets are decimated with injuries, have seven new players on the team, have a brand new rookie head coach and high expectations so times are not good right now.

With all of those changes, one thing seems to have stayed the same from last years team, brutal third quarter performances.

Last season it was easier to understand the struggles after halftime with the multiple coaches and constantly playing 3-on-5 most of the game with offensively challenged Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans on the floor but there is no excuse for it this year.

The Nets have lost 10 third quarters this season and in turn they have lost all 10 of those games.  Making it worse is the fact that Brooklyn has been outscored by a whopping 96 points in those third quarters.

Players and coaches alike are looking at each other for answers but none are presenting themselves and it is killing the Nets moral and record.

Joe Johnson has a suggestion:

“Coming into halftime, we shouldn’t even say nothing. Seriously. I think we come into halftime every game, if we’re up five or 10 we always say, ‘Well, who are we going to be in the second half?’ It’s every game. So I think from here on out, if we come in at half down or up, that shouldn’t even come up.”

Jason Kidd doesn’t seem to have the answer but might agree with Johnson:

“We can definitely look at that,” Kidd said about coming out stronger in third quarters. “Or we can stay on the floor and not go into the locker room.”



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