Nets 2011-2012 season in a NUT SHELL

Updated: February 27, 2012

INJURIES…….say it again and again and again.


The New Jersey Nets have had a season like no other I have ever seen. The rash of injuries has been amazing and sad at the same time and everyday I look to see who is actually playing and who got hurt in shoot around. I have never looked at the coaches starting lineup prior to game time more than I have this year. Avery Johnson should be given an award for being the “Little General of this MASH unit” as he has had to play 17 (yes 17) different starting lineups in 35 games to date. This means he has had a different lineup in HALF of this seasons games and it doesn’t look to get any better. The SF position itself has changed 5 times to date and looks to be changing again as now Shawne Williams is now done for the year. The Nets will look to upgrade that position in the next two weeks prior to the trade deadline but won’t jeopardize their cap space with the Big Fish (D12) out there. Billy King will have to be extremely creative and try to get a decent body while keeping an eye on Orlando. Can Avery Johnson find some continuity with this group or will the  Nets be playing “shuffle the lineup” for the rest of this strike shortened 66 game season?

(Okur and Farmar are you listening?)

A look at the injuries is below provided by Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York  @MAZZespn

A look at games missed by player

Shelden Williams: 0
Deron Williams: 1
Anthony Morrow: 2
Jordan Williams: 2
Kris Humphries: 3
Johan Petro: 5
Sundiata Gaines: 5
Jordan Farmar 6:
DeShawn Stevenson: 10
Shawne Williams: 10*
MarShon Brooks: 10
Mehmet Okur: 18
Damion James: 28*
Brook Lopez: 33

*Out for the season

Starting lineups (with record)

1. James-Humphries-Petro-Morrow-D. Williams 1-1
2. James-Humphries-Okur-D. Williams-Gaines 0-3
3. James-She. Williams-Okur-D. Williams-Gaines 0-1
4. James-She. Williams-Okur-Brooks-Gaines 0-1
5. Stevenson-Humphries-Okur-Morrow-D. Williams 2-1
6. Stevenson-Humphries-Petro-Morrow-D. Williams 0-1
7. Brooks-Humphries-Petro-Morrow-D. Williams 0-3
8. Brooks-Humphries-Okur-Morrow-D. Williams 1-1
9. Stevenson-Humphries-Okur-Morrow-D. Williams 2-2
10. Stevenson-Humphries-She. Williams-Morrow-D. Williams 1-1
11. Sha. Williams-Humphries-She. Williams-Morrow-D. Williams 0-4
12. Sha. Williams-Humphries-She. Williams-Farmar-D. Williams 1-0
13. Sha. Williams-Humphries-She. Williams-Bogans-D. Williams 0-1
14. Morrow-Humphries-She. Williams-Farmar-D. Williams 0-1
15. Stevenson-Humphries-She. Williams-Brooks-D. Williams 2-2
16. Stevenson-Humphries-Lopez-Brooks-D. Williams 0-1
17. Stevenson-She. Williams-Lopez-Brooks-D. Williams 0-1

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