NBA Changes Finals Format Back

Updated: October 23, 2013

[box]Today the NBA Board of Governors, in a unanimous vote, changed the finals back to the way they had it prior to 1985.

The Finals will once again be decided on a 2-2-1-1-1 basis, with the team with the best record in the finals hosting the first and second games and the if-necessary fifth and seventh games of the series.

The Finals were changed because of travel logistics reasons in the mid-80’s that are no longer valid today.

[quote_box]Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver:

“There certainly was a perception … it was unfair to the team that had the better record, that it was then playing the pivotal Game 5 on the road. So this obviously moves that game back to giving home-court advantage to the team with the better record if it’s a 2-2 series.”

“It reached a crescendo where basketball people thought it was important and the business people stood down and said it was no longer necessary for the convenience of transportation or the media.”

NBA President of Basketball Operations Rod Thorn:

“The Competition Committee felt strongly that a consistent format should be used for each round of our playoffs, with improvements in team air travel and technology, the reasons the 2-3-2 format made sense for us in the past largely do not exist anymore, so creating consistency became the priority.”[/quote_box]

Lets all hope this will affect the Nets playing in the Finals this season.

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