MWP: HOT97 Interview "I'm not a Net fan, I'm a Brooklyn fan"

Updated: August 5, 2013

This season is going to be fun in New York for many reasons and the expectations for the Brooklyn Nets being so high is only one of them.

Metta World Peace entering the cross-town rivalry will be nothing but an adventure for the Knicks and the city. 

If you don’t follow World Peace on twitter then you are missing out because the man is anything but normal.

Today MWP had his new single debut on HOT97, yes he raps too, and he spoke about his city…….Brooklyn.

When MWP was asked about rapping and playing ball in New York he blurted out  “Where Brooklyn at?”


“I love the city man, just because the Nets in the building, I still rep Brooklyn; But I’m not a Net fan, I’m a Brooklyn fan,” he said.[/blockquote]


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