Livingston Embracing Pressure and Expectations Of Playing In Brooklyn

Updated: July 31, 2013

Shaun Livingston is in Peoria this week, running the first Pride of Peoria basketball clinic at Peoria High School and is proud to be from Peoria and give something back.

Livingston was asked by Dave Reynolds of the Journal Star about joining the stacked Brooklyn Nets and what the expectations are.

He also mentioned that Deron Williams was a key player in recruiting and convincing him to join the deep Nets this season.  The two are Chicago natives and that bond helped to get the point guard to become Williams main backup.

Livingston will be an important piece to the Nets success this season as he will be looked upon by Jason Kidd to run the show while Williams plays shooting guard or is on the bench getting a breather.

Being able to run a team and get the main guys the ball where they need it is a lost art in the NBA today but Livingston, who may have lost most of his athleticism, can still see the floor better than most.

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“It’s a lot of pressure and expectations,” Livingston said of the spotlight on the team.  “I’d rather have it that way. The last couple of years I’ve been with teams that haven’t won as much. Now playing with a team that’s expected to be a contender, I’d rather be in that position.”Shaun Livingston as a Cavalier driving to the basket

“Cleveland’s at least two years away (from contending) and, being 28, I had to consider that,” he said. “But the opportunity to play in the playoffs is one you don’t get every year.”

Livingston, playing for his ninth NBA team in the last seven years, will back up Williams, the All-Star from Illinois, at point guard.

Another plus for him is the team’s rookie head coach is just-retired point guard Jason Kidd.

“He’s a future Hall of Famer who lost his athleticism at a certain age like I did,” Livingston said. “He had to play off his smarts and reshuffle his game. Wits and smarts is the majority of my game now.”[/quote_simple]



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