Lawrence Frank on Kidd: "He has that gift. Guys want to please him."

Updated: June 10, 2013

Rumors are surfacing today that Jason Kidd met with Billy King and Brooklyn Nets management today about their vacant head coaching position.

Lawrence Frank spoke last week on ESPN Radio with Michael Kay about the idea that Kidd would be a great coach if he wanted to go that route.

Frank has said to be one of the assistants that Kidd would have on his bench to help aid him with his experience.

[quote_simple]Lawrence Frank – ESPN NY Radio

“Without a doubt. If Jason wants to coach he will dedicate 100 percent of his mind, body and soul. He has such a gift. “ Frank said.

“His ability to relate to so many people and I don’t think there is any coincidence that the Knicks had their best year in what 13 to 15 years. Don’t discount the impact Jason had on their culture. Don’t discount the impact he had on the fact that they put defense first and that they shared the basketball. He has that gift. Guys want to please him.”Lawrence Frank helping Jason Kidd off court

“Second, he sees the game second to none and he just has great vision. Third is he is very very bright so I think Jason has great respect for the craft of coaching that if he decided to become a coach he would make sure he would surround himself with different people to help fill in the gaps” Frank continued.

“Whatever Jason decides to do next he will continue to pursue greatness because that is what he is about. If you look at Larry Bird and he three year run, very impressive.”[/quote_simple]

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