Korver To Brooklyn – "Not in the bag"

Updated: July 3, 2013

The news from Monday about the Brooklyn Nets being the fronturunner to sign sweet shooting Kyle Korver, “it’s in the bag for Brooklyn“, has now turned to “the Nets are out of the running for Korver” as per Chris Broussard.

Nets fans all together – “sigh.”

Nets fans were giddy for the last few days thinking that the relationship that Korver and Deron Williams had along with the mini-midelevl exception would be enough to entice the three-point specialist to come to Brooklyn and chase a championship.

The market has gone crazy in the last two days with lesser players like Martell Webster (4yrs – 22 million), Chase Budinger (3 yrs – 16 million) and JJ Redick (4yrs – 27 million) getting huge money from teams.

The numbers flying around right now sure make it hard to think that Korver will settle for 3 years at 10 million from Brooklyn but stranger things have happened so I will keep hope alive for all Nets fans on this one.

Maybe Korver wants to win more than cash in? It is a longshot but one can always hope I guess.

This still leaves Brooklyn with the option to bring over Bojan Bogdanovic if they choose to use the money that way.

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