Kidd interviews two potential assistants for his staff

Updated: June 19, 2013

As we stated last week, Jason Kidd is taking his time in forming his coaching staff and some names that have been out there are indeed options for the new coach.

The search for assistants to add to Kidd’s staff continues tonight with news coming out that he has interviewed at least two candidates already.

Lawrence Frank and Roy Rogers have been verified by multiple sources to have interviewed with Kidd and one name who was mentioned to be on the list is incorrect.

Tim Grgurich was originally thought to be a candidate and it was revealed today that he is not on Kidd’s list of potential coaches.

[quote_simple] ESPN NY – Mike Mazzeo

It’s unknown if Frank will elect to join the Nets, because his wife is dealing with an undisclosed illness.

“I’ve always respected Coach Frank,” Kidd said. “He’s the reason I’ve kind of publicly recruited him, because I really need him and want him. I guess I’m kind of that college recruiter right now, because he brings a lot to the table.

“He’s had success here, understands the good and bad and, so again, I’m recruiting him to come join my staff.”

Kidd said Tim Grgurich isn’t among the potential candidates. The Nets reportedly had reached out to Grgurich to gauge his interest in an assistant job.

“Not that I know of,” Kidd said. “That wasn’t a name on the list. I almost asked who it is, but no … unless [Nets general manager] Billy King had him on his list, then it wasn’t on the list.”[/quote_simple]

In other news Kidd let it be known that reports of his pending DUI case are incorrect as well and the case won’t be heard until next month.

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