JR Smith Calls Paul Pierce "Bitter"

Updated: August 31, 2013

The New York Knicks continue to stick their feet in their mouth time and time again this offseason with no regard for common sense.

The newest member of the Knicks to say something completely ludicrous is none other than JR Smith, the same guy who disappeared in last years playoffs after getting suspended for elbowing Jason Terry.

Smith is not “the brightest light in the harbor” as many have seen during his playing days but what he said Saturday was beyond even his lunacy and reported by Ian Begley of ESPN New York.

Smith decided to return serve to Paul Pierce and his “I think it’s time for the Nets to start running this city” comments from a few weeks ago:

[blockquote]”I just look at him as a bitter person just getting out of Boston. He doesn’t really know what New York is all about. He’s been playing in Boston his whole career,” Smith said. “He just knows, just know that his words have consequences and he’s going to have to pay for them.”


“They’re in one borough, we’re all over. So it’s like, you’re on an island and we’ve got the whole country. So it’s nothing really to even talk about,” Smith said at a PGA Foundation golf clinic at Chelsea Piers for the New York/New Jersey Boys & Girls Club.[/blockquote]

The best part about the interview with Smith was when he was asked how sure he was that the Knicks would end their title drought this upcoming season.

[blockquote]“I’m 100 percent sure,” the swingman said.[/blockquote]

Who in their right mind would not think the Knicks will win it all this year after their stellar offseason of signing former number one pick and bust Andrea Bargnani, bringing in JR Smith - you tryin to get the pipeoff-centered and a couple sandwiches short of a picnic  Metta World Peace and the so-called championship pedigree of Beno Udrich.

Knicks fans and it seems their players as well have all been drinking some spiked kool-aid if they think the Knicks will win it all this year with this roster.

Keep dreaming Mr. Smith.

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