Jeff Van Gundy speaks on the Nets recent play and playoff status

Updated: March 22, 2013

Jeff Van Gundy is one person who Nets fans should listen to more than others when he talks about the Brooklyn Nets.

The ex-Knicks and Rockets coach now turned analyst did the broadcast on Wednesday night of the Nets/Mavs game on ESPN and had some telling words about what the Nets have done this year to date.

[blockquote]“I think they’ve overachieved, absolutely, When you have, to me, high expectations, but not necessarily the roster to fulfill them, you can be enveloped by disappointment,” Van Gundy said. “I think they should be ecstatic [with] where they came from the last couple years to where they are now, and [now] just [need to] keep trying to add and build[/blockquote]

Early in the year he was very critical of Deron Williams for his poor play and lack of leadership but right now he is changing his tune.  JVG will always stick up for coaches and continued with his praise of Avery Johnson and what he did with the Nets.

[blockquote]“I think [the Nets] have accomplished great things,” Van Gundy said. “I think they have maximized what they have. And the only down period, to me, was when Brook Lopez, who I think is a very good player, was out, and the combination of Williams not playing well at that point and Lopez being out led them to a difficult stretch.  I thought Avery did a great job, when you factor in Brook Lopez being hurt … that, to me, was the big reason for that December swoon. And then, having been an interim coach [with the Knicks], I think P.J. has handled it in a masterful way. It’s not an easy thing to take over in the middle of the year.[/blockquote]

The conversation continued with talk about a playoff run and where the Nets could end up as well as what kind of damage they could do in the playoffs.

[blockquote]“Well, listen, they could go to the Eastern Conference Finals,” he said. “No question. Because I think anybody could, minus the team that gets Miami.  If they can get up to third, they could make the Eastern Conference Finals, because someone is [going to]. But they also could lose in the first round.[/blockquote]

I talked about it on “The PowerPlay Talk Show” the other night and I will reiterate once again that Nets fans should hope and pray that JVG sees the Nets job appealing enough to listen to Mikhail Prokorhov’s overtures in the offseason.

JVG would be an excellent fit for Brooklyn with his experience and in game management skills. It would be a welcome sight for this veteran laden team ready to make a run deep in the playoffs in the next three years.

Fingers crossed.

 Tim Bontemps NY POST


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