JAY-Z Sounds Off In "OPEN LETTER" (Song)

Updated: April 11, 2013

Yes. Jay-Z is selling his shares of the Brooklyn Nets to become a sports agent for with Roc Nation……

Today he released an “Open Letter” song with some subliminal lyrics that have people talking.

Listen below

via SI.com

The 43-year-old entrepreneur responds to the recent rush of headlines targeting him and wife/songstress Beyoncé on a cut titled “Open Letter.”swizz-1

[blockquote]I woulda moved the Nets to Brooklyn for free
Except I made millions off you f–king dweebs
I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seats
You buy that bulls–t, you better keep your receipts.[/blockquote]

The Brooklyn native was so disgusted about his Cuba trip being the lead story on CNN ahead of the North Korean political threat that he recruited Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for an impromptu production and penned the the track at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night, according to Hot 97′s Miss Info.

Beatz tweeted this photo of the threesome working on the song last night.

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