Jason Terry: Superstitious Or Just Weird?

Updated: October 23, 2013

[quote_simple]The guy who came along with the hall-of-famers in the Boston blockbuster this summer, Jason Terry, is no NBA slouch or throw-in so his presence on the Brooklyn Nets will surely be felt this season.

The former Sixth Man of the Year award winner is chomping at the bit right now to get into a game and play with his new teammates.  He has been nursing a sore knee in the preseason.

Terry should get the start and get plenty of playing time tonight in Boston although he wont see too many familiar faces as Brooklyn is sitting their entire starting lineup in this game.

He has many “habits” that he deals with during the season and some are a bit odd but anything that gets the job done works for me.

[box]NY Times

The night before each game, he wears the opposing team’s uniform shorts to bed, a habit that tests his wife’s patience. On game day, a few hours before tipoff, he eats a meal that involves chicken. On the court, a headband and high socks have been must-wear accessories since college. If he misses consecutive shots during the first quarter, he changes his sneakers during the next intermission.

“I’m a different dude,” Terry said. “My daughters say I’m a weirdo.”

He has made other subtle changes over time, too. During the national championship run at Arizona, he ate chicken fingers before every game. But as he continued as a professional, his age and metabolism necessitated a move away from fried foods. He eats grilled or rotisserie chicken now, maintaining the old rituals’ spirit.

“I can’t deviate from chicken,” Terry said. “It has to be chicken.”

Coach Jason Kidd complimented Terry’s attention to detail and what he termed a winning attitude.

“He won a Sixth Man of the Year; he won a championship,” Kidd said. “He understands that coming off the bench is just as important as being a starter because the guys coming off the bench have to pick up the starters, if they’re up or down.”


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