Jason Kidd Talks Brook Lopez

Updated: September 26, 2013

Brook Lopez had his best season last year and the league finally noticed and selected him as an All-Star for the first time.

The man in the middle averaged 19.4 points (ranked 1st among centers), grabbed seven rebounds and blocked over two shots a game to cement himself as one of the top-five big men in the NBA.  He ranked fifth in the NBA with a 24.7player efficiency rating and ranked 10th overall in the league in points per game

There have been huge additions to the Brooklyn Nets this offseason and none will be bigger than putting Kevin Garnett next to Lopez in the frontcourt.

The future hall of famer should do wonders for Lopez game and show him what it takes succeed in the paint and go after the game in a maniacal manner like himself.

The sky is the limit for this soft spoken, sweet shooting seven footer who can score in a multitude of ways and his new coach knows this.

Kidd talked about his impressions of his All-Star center on Tuesday.

[quote_simple]ESPN New York – Mike Mazzeo

“I think he’s young. He’s still young. He has a lot to learn and I think when you have a Kevin Garnett, a Paul Pierce, a veteran that understands what it takes to be professional and also what it means to win, to be able to share that with Brook,” Kidd said of Lopez Tuesday.Brook Lopez blocks Bulls Joakim Noah

“But also Brook needs to be him. He works extremely hard, he’s coming off an injury. But he reminds me of a player [Dirk] I played with in Dallas. Very low maintenance, goes about his job, and can dominate a game. The big thing is just for him to be him, but also work on some of his weaknesses and I think he knows that. Again, the sky’s the limit for him.”

“I’m not looking for Brook to become the next Kevin Garnett,” Kidd said. “I think Brook is an intelligent kid and understands that I don’t need him yelling and screaming and talking to himself, I just need him to be Brook. I think the biggest thing KG will probably improve his game one percent, and if he does that, then hopefully we’re still talking here in June.”[/quote_simple]


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