Jason Kidd reiterates he wants Lawrence Frank on his #Nets staff

Updated: June 14, 2013

One thing seems to be known so far in the search for Jason Kidd’s assistant coaches, he wants Lawrence Frank on his bench in the worst way.  Yesterday at his Nets press conference he mentioned Frank by name and said he could use his time in front of the microphone as a recruiting pitch to Frank.

Frank coached Kidd as a player with the New Jersey Nets from 2003-08 and was Kidd’s first choice to take over after Byron Scott was fired by the Nets.

Kidd and Frank have a very good relationship and if you listen to Frank talk about Kidd you will know immediately how much he respects Kidd and his intellect.

Frank would more than likely leap at the chance to assist his old point guard although he is dealing with family issues right now after his wife had emergency surgery in March for an undisclosed illness.

Frank still lives in New Jersey and it seems it would be a great fit for both but no one knows where Frank stands now with his wife’s situation.

If Kidd would be able to get Frank to be his lead assistant the transition to NBA coach would be light years ahead of schedule as Kidd trusts Frank more than most in the coaching world and Frank is a very good coach.

After Frank left the Nets he became an assistant coach for a couple of years until he was hired  to coach the Detroit Pistons for two years. He was let go in April after going 59-94 in two struggling seasons there.

[quote_simple]ESPN New York

“The invitation is out there, so it’s up to him,” Kidd said Friday on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike.”

“He’s in a special situation. He’s at home, his wife is sick, so I understand coming off of coaching [the Detroit Pistons] and [possibly] wanting a year off with his family, so I respect that. The big thing is he knows how much I love him and how much I need him, but family comes first, and I respect that.”

Kidd says he’s in the recruiting process of trying to put together his staff.

“There’s a lot of people that have come out publicly saying that I need to get a seasoned staff, and that’s what I’m looking at, people who maybe have been head coaches in this league or have been assistants and understand what it take to have some success so I can learn on the job,” Kidd said. “One of those candidates is Lawrence Frank that I’m trying to get because we get along well, I trust him and I think he understands what it takes to have some success in this league.”[/quote_simple]

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