Jason Kidd: "I'll take the blame for this"

Updated: November 19, 2013



The Brooklyn Nets have gotten off to a horrible start with their $180 million team through the first 10 games of the season (3-7) and everybody wants to blame anything and everything.

No one is taking this harder than their rookie head coach Jason Kidd and he knows the pressure is squarely on him to turn this nightmare start around.

Before the Trailblazer game last night in Brooklyn Kidd discussed the rash of injuries his team is facing and how the lineup would be affected.

[quote_box]“You got to go with the guys that can suit up and that’s the approach, that’s all I can be concerned about,” Kidd said. “Our health in time will get better so with Brook and D-Will and A.K. hopefully they recover. They’re younger so we’ll see how that plays out.” [/quote_box]

After the game Kidd took a different approach after his team shot 22 percent the entire second half and blew a 63 point first half.

[quote_box]“Just bad coaching,” Kidd said after another loss. “I take the blame for this. Guys play hard; we got a little stagnant on the offensive end.

This falls on my shoulders. We got off to a good start and then in the third quarter we came out a little flat and that falls on me.”[/quote_box]

After the game there was a disturbing effect from the loss when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett both left the building and did not talk to the media and if a beat reporter did not catch up with Joe Johnson on his way out he wouldn’t have spoken as well.

This is not what you want from your team leaders when your highly touted team is struggling worse than anyone could have imagined.

Jason TerryShaun Livingston, Alan Anderson and Mason Plumlee were the only members of the team to speak to the media and I understand the frustration of everyone involved.

It came out later that the Nets held a quasi-team meeting and Johnson let it be known “we have to figure out.”


Lets get real here:

The Nets have won just three of their 10 games this season and the starting lineup of  Williams-Johnson-Pierce-Garnett-Lopez have logged a total of 78 minutes together on the court to date.

How much can be expected this early in the season when 80 percent of your starting lineup is hurt and your do-it-all forward, Andrei Kirilenko, has only played in two games due to continuing back spams?

As angry as I am about this horrible start to the season lets give Kidd and this team a little time to get healthy and gain some cohesiveness on the court before we start chanting “FIRE JASON KIDD.”[/box]

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