Jason Kidd has no morals and the NBA coaching fraternity won’t forget it anytime soon

Updated: July 2, 2014

The way the situation is Brooklyn played out this past week with Jason Kidd has NBA coaches and executives scratching their head and some even throwing the hall of fame point guard right under the bus where he belongs.

Sean Deveney of the Sporting News did a great piece on what this will do to Kidd in the future.

Here are few excerpts:

“I think the one thing you know not to do as a coach is to talk about another job while it is still occupied,” one veteran NBA coach told Sporting News. “You just don’t do that. This is a tough business, there are only 30 jobs and no matter what you think of a guy, every one of us puts his heart and soul into what we do every day. And so you learn to respect your colleagues. But nothing is more disrespectful than gunning for someone’s job while he is still in it.”

What’s worse is that Kidd appears to have done this three times in a matter of days.

King. Drew. Hammond. That’s three employees Kidd attempted to oust.

“That’s the worst part,” the head coach said. “What’s the bible say? ‘Don’t covet your neighbor’s possessions?’ As a coach, you always look at it as, ‘If this coach does well financially, it raises all of us up.’ You just have to believe if you do your job, you win games, you make progress, eventually, what some other coach is being paid is going to come back to you.

“Don’t you think every coach in the league looked at Steve Kerr’s deal and said, ‘Wow, so he has no experience?’ But you don’t begrudge anyone in the business. You can’t conduct yourself that way. He will pay a price.”

“I don’t think anyone is going to just forget what he just did to Larry Drew,” the coach said. “You expect the unexpected in this line of work, but that is a lot of back-stabbing.”

Everyone in the world today would like to make more money and I am sure that each and every person that is asked would love to have their bosses job and their money but there is a decorum or unwritten rules as to what you can and can’t do about it.

Jason Kidd does not believe in his devious mind that he did anything wrong in becoming a petulant child once again and forcing his was out of the Nets organization for a second time, seeing other rookie coaches get more money than he negotiated and have more power over personnel, and this one was worse than the first time.

This is coming from someone who absolutely idolized Kidd for much of my life and put him right under Michael Jordan as my favorite players of all time only to make me feel such disgust that I cleared out my office of all Kidd memorabilia.

As a longtime Nets fan since the 1980’s it is difficult to just let his magnificent transformation of the Nets organization be forgotten but after this latest stunt of stealing another mans job and trying to get others fired, I think I may just have to wash my hands of him once and for all.

With Jason Kidd there is always a dark side.  That dark side came creeping back in only one year after getting his jersey sent to the rafters.  Good riddance once and for all Kidd.


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