Is Jerry Sloan Really An Option For Brooklyn Nets?

Updated: May 8, 2013

The Nets coaching search continues as Phil Jackson told Billy King yesterday he is not interested in coaching again and wants a management position in the NBA.

The next question is – Where do the Nets look now for a coach?

There have been numerous names being bantered about right now but one or the most intriguing names is Jerry Sloan.  Yes Sloan.  Deron Williams ex-coach was asked if he would consider talking to the Nets and his comments are below.

[quote_simple] Steve Luhm | The Salt Lake Tribune

Sloan told The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday he’s been on the telephone with officials from “a couple” of NBA teams who wanted to gauge his interest on a possible return to coaching.

Sloan would not identify the teams and, at this point, has not received any job offers.

“It’s just been conversation more than anything else,” he said. “I’ll explore it and see what’s going on. It’s mostly been people checking on what I’m doing, what my wishes are and how I’m thinking.”

Is Brooklyn a possible destination for Sloan?

“I don’t have any thoughts about [the Nets] because nobody from there has talked to me,” he said. “So there’s really no need to talk about it.”

Sloan’s health won’t be an issue, if he pursues a return to coaching.

“I feel good ­— just fine,” he said. [/quote_simple]

This reunion would definitely be a longshot in many peoples eyes as the story of Sloan retiring abruptly because of differences with Deron Williams, his All-Star point guard of 5 1/2 seasons with the Utah Jazz, have been widely spread in the last two years.

Deron Williams told reporters he would welcome a reunion with Sloan the day after the season ended which would suggest that the rumors of their falling out have been exaggerated.

The Nets could certainly do worse than hiring a winner like Sloan.  This team is setup to win now and that is what Sloan said he want’s in his next coaching job.  One thing is for sure, Williams played his best basketball under Sloan so that has to account for something.

Let the rumors begin.

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