How Will Jason Kidd And Deron Williams Relationship Change?

Updated: July 6, 2013

The Brooklyn Nets that everyone saw on the floor last year will look very different this year with a bunch of new faces on the floor and one big name on the sideline running the show.

Jason Kidd is the new head coach of the Nets, only 10 days after his retirement from the NBA, and everything will be different for Nets fans and Nets players alike.

How will Kidd be able to coach the players he once associated himself with just last year?

Will he be able to coach Deron Williams, the Nets face of the franchise now, after being close friends with him for the past few years?

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“Well, we are a family, so my job is to put guys in position to be successful,” Kidd said Friday. “His job is to execute that. We are friends, but I’m also friends of [other players]. So I mean, I want those guys to be successful and hopefully they want the same thing for me.”Jason Kidd and Deron Williams in the hamptons

“I want him to be him. I want him to be a basketball player that we all know he can be,” Kidd said. “And we are going to set lofty goals where we want to try, as a coaching staff and teammates, to put him in a position to reach them.”

Kidd chuckled when asked if he sees some of his game in Williams. “He’s better — he can shoot,” Kidd said. “He can get to the basket, he can score. Another strength is he’s a guy who can set the table. I don’t look at him as me. He’s a little bit better than I am.”

“That’s something that has been talked about or maybe seen in the past,” Kidd said. “My job is to get the best out of each position. So I can’t say I’m going to lean or favor Deron or whoever is playing the point because I’ve got four other guys out there that I’ve got to pay attention to.”[/quote_simple]

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