Hey Tim Hardaway Sr. – Keep Talking

Updated: June 29, 2013

It seems after the New York Knicks drafted Tim Hardaway Jr. his father Tim Hardaway Sr. has become somewhat of a “know it all” when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets and their new head coach Jason Kidd.

For some reason Hardaway, speaking at the Knicks practice facility on Friday, has decided to chime in on how Kidd will do as a head coach and that the Nets team will basically run itself and not need Kidd.

Hardaway has been known in the past to say some pretty stupid things, like when he said “I hate gay people” back in 2007, but this idea that the Nets can “police themselves” and Kidd wont have to do much is asinine and shows his lack of intelligence.

Keep talking Tim as it always seems to end up well for you……..

[quote_simple] “Man, they helped Jason Kidd with his coaching,” said Hardaway Sr.. “Now he really don’t have to coach. He’s got guys out there that can coach themselves. Even with Deron Williams, and now you’ve got Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, they can police the team.

“They’re proven winners. They’re established winners. They want to win. They put two or three guys with Terry there, too. All he’s got to do is just go out there and make sure they run an offense, make sure they’re playing defense. They’re going to police themselves.

“Everybody in the East is getting better, the Knicks, Indiana, Brooklyn now. We don’t have to worry about Boston no more. Everybody is getting better. That’s why you draft and that’s why you get free agents, to put the pieces to the puzzle together and have a good team.”[/quote_simple]

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