Gerald Wallace Not Happy With The #Nets Play And Let's It Be Known

Updated: January 31, 2013

Gerald Wallace did not hold back after last night’s blowout loss to the Miami Heat 105-85 and he let it be known he was not happy with how his Brooklyn Nets play against the upper echelon teams in the NBA.

Wallace is a hard-nosed, tough, leave it all on the floor player and expects the same from his teammates every game and not just when they play the lesser teams.  His nickname is “Crash” for a reason because that is how he plays the game with an unrelenting passion and reckless abandon.

The third big loss to the Heat seemed to touch a nerve with Wallace and he let the world know he was not going accept mediocrity anymore.

Mike Mazzeo of ESPNNY

“Those are games that we didn’t actually lose … we got our asses kicked in all three of those games,” Wallace said after the Nets were annihilated by a motivated LeBron James and the Miami Heat, 105-85, on Wednesday night at Barclays Center.Gerald Wallace defends Heats Lebron James

“Those teams pretty much dominated us. Memphis dominated us. Houston dominated us. And Miami in the second half dominated us tonight. We’re saying we want to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and we want to compete for the playoffs and shoot for a championship, but we’re having letdowns against some of the top teams in the league and we can’t do that and be a successful team.”

“Typical Nets basketball,” Wallace said of the third. “We don’t play together. Careless turnovers. We don’t execute offensively. And defensively, we don’t do anything. We don’t defend. We don’t guard the ball. We don’t help each other out. It’s the same story as it’s been all season.”

Wallace refused to say that there was a massive talent gap between the two teams.

“We match up with them talent-wise, 1 through 5 and down the bench,” Wallace said. “It just has to do with teamwork, executing offensively and defensively and helping each other out on the defensive end, making the extra pass on the offensive end and taking care of the ball, and we didn’t do that tonight.”


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