Four Minutes Of Hell Brooklyn Nets Fans Won't Ever Forget

Updated: April 29, 2013

The Meltdown” as it will forever be known to Nets fans………

4:00 remaining – score 107-95

[quote_simple]3:40 – Kirk Hinrich shot blocked and Gerald Wallace takes in for a breakaway dunk – 109-95

3:11 – Nate Robinson tries to split defenders and turns it over – Deron Williams passed to C.J. Watson who misses a wide open dunk but grabs the rebound and Bulls foul Reggie Evans intentionally (could have been up 16) – 109-95

3:11 – Evans misses both free throws badly (same as a turnover) – 109-95

2:59 – Evans throws Joakim Noah into front row for a foul and Joe Johnson comes in for Evans -109-95

2:45 – Nate Robinson hits a crazy top of the key 3-pointer – 109-98

2:35 – Brook Lopez forces a quick jumper from foul line and is off – Bulls rebound – 109-98

2:19 – Robinson hits a running one hand thrown off the glass over Lopez – 109-100

2:11 – Bulls intentionally fouled Wallace – Wallace missed both free throws – 109-100

2:07 – Robinson hits a crazy pull up shot at foul line over Williams – 109-102

1:52 – Johnson misses a wide open three but Wallace grabs Luol Deng and a foul is called to turn it over again – 109-102

1:41 – Williams inexplicably fouls Robinson behind the 3-point line and he hits all three free throws – 109-105

Steve Kerr on TNT says “This is shocking!”

1:11 – Williams tries to force a shot in the lane that is off and Bulls rebound. Robinson pulls up from free throw line to hit another shot over Lopez – Game tied 107-107

1:11 – Watson falls down on inbounds play and Wallace gets called for a five second violation and a turnover – Bulls ball. – 107-107

.55 – Robinson drives the lane and passes to Carlos Boozer for the game tying reverse layup – 109-109

.33 – Lopez fouled by Noah and he made both free throws – Nets up 111-109

.24 – Deng missed a 3-pointer but Noah out hustled Lopez for two tips and the second one went in – Game tied 111-111

.01 – Williams ran the clock out and missed a running fade away at the buzzer in the lane to force overtime – 111-111


3 OT’s later the Bulls win 142-134 and go up 3-1 in the series.

The rest is history.


Do or Die

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