ESPN: Brooklyn Second In East Power Rankings

Updated: July 26, 2013

The Nets continue to add depth and pieces to this star studded roster and now have the maximum 15 players under contract on July 27th.

The latest Net Alan Anderson was signed today to a two-year deal to help take some minutes and workload off Joe Johnson at the shooting guard position.

The Nets go at least two deep, some positions three deep, with solid talent at all five positions so the playing time should be split up to allow fresh players come playoff time.

The luxury tax will be $86,897,126 after the Anderson acquisition with a total of $102,147,395 in salaries for 2013-14.

Jason Kidd will have plenty of options and weapons to use as Brooklyn has spared no expense putting this team together to make a championship run.

[quote_simple] By Tom Haberstroh | ESPN Insider

2. Brooklyn Nets (2012-13 finish: 4th)

With the additions of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Andrei Kirilenko, Shaun Livingston and Jason Terry, this might be the deepest team in the league. A lot of ink (err, bandwidth) has been spilled on the aging core, but let’s not forget that their two best players — Deron Williams and Brook Lopez — are in their primes.

The Kirilenko addition should do wonders to keep Pierce and Garnett fresh for the playoffs, which will be huge with their lofty goals for next season. There’s a very real possibility that the Nets show their age and fail to make strides in 2013-14, but they’ve cooled those concerns with a monster bench.[/quote_simple]

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